Our three year old hopefully asks me every day if it is a "Christian day". I couldn't be happier sending our child to her!
Julie, Mom of 3
Cookies N Dirt is amazing! I can't say enough about Christian and the wonderful environment she has created for children. My two daughters have been exposed to both traditional 'learning' but also to different cultures, holidays and traditions, foods...such a great experience for them. She is loving and fun, but also firm about the importance of being kind and respectful to their "friends". We are so lucky to have found her!
Karen- Mom of 2

My 3 yr old son goes to Cookies n Dirt Play Care 2 days a week. He bounds out the door on those mornings because he is so excited to go! Christian is highly skilled at integrating play and learning. The crafts, motor skill development, structured activities and free-flow play are all fun, safe and enriching. She was a lucky find for our family. She comes HIGHLY recommended. I am an educator myself, and I couldn't think of a better place for my son to go!
Michelle-Elementary Principal, Mom of 2

It is hard not to sound like a blabbering fan when talking about our experience with Christian. She was and is a deeply caring, insightful, creative, attentive, and fun loving person. Christian is a down-on-the-floor-with-the-kids not an-across-the-room-on-the-phone type of care giver.
We learned about our children with her and our children flourished with her.
I wish Christian was our next door neighbor.
-Danya, Mom of 2