The picture above is Baker's clay that had been sculpted into cupcakes, painted, and decorated by the children during our bakery project. Below- Some writing for our menu done by a three and five year old.
Cookies n' Dirt is based on project approach learning and on the teachings of Reggio Amelia, an art based European program. At Cookies n' Dirt children learn through doing in an environment that has been strategically set up for them to explore.
Our activities are in the fields of:
Art (sculpture, clay, dough, collage, paint,performing, drawing, stamping
Movement . Music. circle time 
Outdoor play
Sensory activities (smell, sight, feel), 
Social studies
Weekly field trips 

Each day, you will receive an evaluation of your child so that you are kept updated on how and what they did that day, how much they ate, slept, and what their mood was like. 
 Weekly, I will post pictures and notes on my facebook page. You will find all of the things we talked about, learned, read, sang, explored, and the art we created. This gives you a chance to discuss the topics we are working on here and  further their learning at home.
Children learn best by doing things themselves. I provide them with an endless amount of enthusiasm as well as  the tools to explore an inspired environment with. Our home is filled with toys, learning materials, Dramatic Play, musical instruments, books, and art materials.
Cookies n' Dirt makes the ordinary extraordinary!!!